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This nice feature also allows you to see your current profit/loss on the trade and see details on when you opened it. As mentioned earlier, StormGain also offers margin trading, dubbed as “Trading with multiplier” on the platform. Select the withdraw button instead and input your wallet address and the amount you want to send. You should see a dynamic fee, once you’ve completed those steps, showing you exactly how much the withdrawal will cost you.

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If you look at the supported crypto assets on StormGain, you will find that the selection is not the widest or biggest. But you will find all the cryptocurrencies that hold value in the market and can offer you great returns. StormGain is an especially good choice for advanced traders, though, especially those with specific needs. Many of the platform’s features and functions are designed specifically for traders.

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StormGain Compared to Similar Brokers

The investor or the trader can get to these levels by becoming successful in their activities on the platform. The status of these tiers depends upon a unique combination of trading volume and account balance size. Every StormGain account comes with a free built-in wallet which you can use to buy, send and store your Bitcoin. And you can also earn up to 12% interest on your funds.

StormGain allows users to send and receive cryptocurrency directly. It comes with a direct connection with the StormGain cryptocurrency exchange. Please always be 100 percent sure that you have entered the correct address. It is always better to double-check than to accidentally send your cryptocurrency to the wrong email address where you may or may not ever recover your crypto funds.

  • The “Deposit” option is on the right-hand side of the wallet page.
  • On StormGain, there is more than one type of commission/interest.
  • Therefore, in 2019, the StormGain team launched StormGain as an all-in-one advanced crypto trading platform.
  • It might be due to the strict laws and regulations of the US, which not every crypto exchange manages to adhere to.
  • StormGain Cloud Miner rewards users with a mining bonus, which is a virtual currency that can be used to increase available funds and improve trading profits.

The cryptocurrency wallet is a feature-rich, free of cost, inclined security wallet which does not transfer the ownership of the private keys to the StormGain platform. Also it provide one of the best customer support and live chat services to its traders. Our StormGain review intended to grill all the facts and rumors about this online crypto trading platform. And we can confidently say that you should try StormGain as your chosen mobile app and reap the benefits it has to offer. According to Stormgain reviews, the e-wallet feature is a must-have service for investors and traders. It provides them a secure place to deposit or withdraw their funds on StormGain.

Things I Don’t Like About StormGain

The diversity in the markets and trading pairs allows traders to explore seemingly limitless opportunities and trade just the way they want. But you don’t have to buy assets through the exchange; you can deposit your previously purchased cryptocurrencies and start trading with StormGain’s benefits. In order to support its traders and investors, It offers its clients a good variety of order types, intelligent tools, and smart trading strategies. StormGain is a cryptocurrency exchange for beginner and experienced traders. It has a lot of good utility that we like to see when we visit a new platform for the first time. What struck me at first was the 0% trade commission and the special fee structure they operate.

  • The editorial team of Trading Browser is required to use first-hand sources to collect and share information regarding the businesses we promote.
  • So there is no worrying about your devices’ electricity bills, cooling, maintenance, and battery life.
  • It helps you to mine free bitcoin every day, without the need of mining equipment.
  • Noteworthy, StormGain also has a multi-currency wallet that can store up to 6 coins.
  • It is important to complete the registration form process, which is quick and easy to be able to browse advanced features.

Furthermore, you can also deposit real money to your StormGain account. Besides trading, StormGain has expanded its service offering to a cloud mining tool that allows its users to mine bitcoin without investing in expensive hardware. Furthermore, The Cloud Miner tool and the profitable Loyalty Program are two interesting features of StormGain. The platform makes sure to that the majority of users’ holdings are stored in cold wallets. StormGain offers trading with an Islamic account for crypto where you get to enjoy zero interest, no time limits, and a very easy buy & sell function. Through this cryptocurrency Islamic account, you can also access leverage trading as well as safe storage with up to 9 different wallets.

How does StormGain mining work?

Please note that this is a custodial, wallet that is not recommended for long-term holding. Overall, I am cautiously optimistic about StormGain Miner. While there are some concerns about the legitimacy of the app, I have personally been able to use it to mine and trade cryptocurrency. Start by creating an account and then click the Bitcoin miner page.


Unlock the power of mining with our app’s free Bitcoin cloud feature. Start earning coins in just 4 hours, without the need for any equipment or worrying about battery or CPU drain. It may take up to two weeks for our team to review and respond to your request. This is because each request is carefully reviewed by our team, and this process can take some time. We appreciate your understanding and hope that your issue will be resolved soon.

“Best cryptocurrency mining site”

This has given me benefits as well as an exceptionally smooth and decent experience. I have been trading here for a long time now and confronted no significant issues till date. The plans and the kind of customer services they have been providing are amazing.


All these features StormGain offers to its users in a very user-friendly manner. Moreover, the reach of StormGain covers many countries that are not otherwise covered by many other trading exchanges. All one needs is name, email id, phone number, and a minimum deposit of 50 USDT, to get started at StormGain with minimum 10 USDT per trade. What makes StormGain so attractive is that it offers advanced trading volume features, and it offers these features to every account type.

Stormgain alternatives

You can also opt to mine Bitcoin and receive rewards for your efforts. Alternatively, you can earn through StromGain’s Refer a Friend program, where you earn when people join the platform using your referral link. Similarly, StormGain stores most of its crypto assets in hardware wallets as a secondary protective strategy. Cold wallets are fully immune to cyber attacks, making them more secure. This order type is a favorite for traders who want to make instant trades. Market orders are normally very efficient when trying to buy or sell an asset urgently.

StormGain Cloud Miner allows users to mine their own cryptocurrency from their phone or device, without the need for expensive mining equipment or high electricity bills. With StormGain you have the option to earn free Bitcoin every day. What’s interesting about this Bitcoin mining app is that you can increase your mining speed up to 530 times depending on your trade volume. So, the more you trade the faster you will mine Bitcoin with the app. This Bitcoin mining app doesn’t require any equipment, no battery, and it doesn’t drain your CPU.

StormGain Review: Customer-Focused Crypto Exchange (2022) – AskTraders

StormGain Review: Customer-Focused Crypto Exchange ( .

Posted: Wed, 21 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

financial literacy for millennials is one of the most secure cryptocurrency platforms globally. This three-in-one trading platform is a member of the Financial Commission’s Blockchain Association. The commission ensures its members uphold the highest possible standards of commercial conduct. This means users don’t have to pay anything until their transaction earns them some profit. StormGain traders have to pay a fee of 10 to 20% for profitable transactions, depending on the trading pair.

StormGain offers one of the best Live trade data as it believes in offering complete trade transparency. It gives all the details related to transaction time, country, the cryptocurrency traded, transaction type, etc. It offers high leverage of up to 150X to its traders and investors.

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