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For those wanting the most extreme aero package, Ford will offer a carbon-fiber underbody that comes with hydraulically actuated, active front flaps. Forged aluminum wheels come standard, but even lighter forged magnesium wheels are optionally available to further reduce unsprung weight. Dedicated cooling ducts help keep the front rotors from overheating. After seeing the clay model of the Ford Mustang GT3 race car in the design studio, Ford Chief Executive Officer Jim Farley decided the Blue Oval needed to turn it into a road car. If you are an automotive enthusiast, you can’t but get excited by the simple three initials GTI. GTI may invoke up memories of your first drive in a sports car or your teenagehood where you would dream of owning the legendary Golf GTI.

With the exception of aluminum door skins, carbon-fiber forms the rest of the bodywork. The GTD model class has been a regular part of the Volkswagen Golf lineup, with the only notable absence being the fourth and fifth-generation Golfs which featured the “GT TDI” initials instead. Volkswagen’s first GTD inherited many of the sporty markings seen in the GTI. For many non-motoring enthusiasts at the time, it would have been difficult to tell the difference between a GTI and GTD so successful was the formula. The lesser-known GTD has been with Volkswagen for almost as long as the fabled GTI, translated to mean “Gran Turismo Diesel”.

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That said, Ford didn’t mention what audio system or infotainment screen is heading to the cabin. Though we’re sure you probably won’t care when you’re ripping this around a track. That power travels through a carbon-fiber driveshaft that feeds an eight-speed transaxle.

The entry-level version of Ford’s latest pony car is only now hitting the streets en masse. Motivation comes courtesy of a slightly modified version of the Shelby GT500’s supercharged 5.2-liter V-8. In GTD guise, the blown bent eight ought to make around 800 horsepower—up from the GT500’s 760 horsepower—and redline at 7500 rpm.

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However, it may surprise you to know that the VW Scirocco GTI was the first VW to wear that prestigious badge. While the mighty Golf GTI will always be known for starting the hot hatch class. The aero kit heading to the Mustang GTD looks like what gtd system you’d want if you were heading to the racetrack. The rear wing is hydraulically controlled to give you downforce when you want it. Pressure-reducing vents in the front fenders and hood look like pieces pulled from a dedicated Le Mans racer.

what does gtd stand for

However, lucky for us Veedub enthusiasts, engineers at VW persisted with their hot-hatch endeavours. The VW Golf GTI mk1 was released to the public at 1975’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The GTI initials for many of us will inspire dreams of the mk1 Golf GTI, the first car to bring about the hot hatch revolution.

The front also uses DSSV dampers but opts for a short-long arm-style suspension to control the wheels. If that’s not interesting enough, Ford is also launching this Mustang with a semi-active suspension. The spring rates and ride height are affected by a hydraulic system.

what does gtd stand for

The GTD contains many of the sporting accessories found on the equivalent GTI model, with the exception, of grey checkered fabric interior, replacing the GTI red tartan. As a maker of dependable family cars, Volkswagen hadn’t included the sporty GTI within their hatchback range. Maybe in part due to the previously tricky reception received for the Beetle “GSR”, “Yellow-Black Racer” in 1973. Massive carbon ceramic rotors are clamped by similarly impressive calipers.

Ultimately, Ford could have invested all of this time and effort into a potent powertrain, a trick suspension, and a wild aero package, and it could be handicapped by tires. Fortunately, the team at Ford wasn’t going to let rubber get in the way of maximum performance. This should also help your team of skilled engineers quickly make adjustments when you’re in the paddock. It also means you’re not going to have too much space for your groceries, as the rear suspension fills the trunk space. The automaker is keeping the GTD’s final weight under wraps for the time being.

  • GTI may invoke up memories of your first drive in a sports car or your teenagehood where you would dream of owning the legendary Golf GTI.
  • The first production Golf GTE was delivered during the fourth quarter of 2014 and was later joined by the Passat GTE in 2015.
  • Befitting its big wing, the GTD’s options menu includes a 3-D–printed rotary shifter and shift paddles made from the titanium parts of a Lockheed Martin F-22.
  • Before you ask, exposed carbon-fiber panels (as on the GT supercar) are under consideration.

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